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Dispersal Point: A new DM-only level!

This is a DM-only level, with speed in mind during the creation. It is NOT a "arena-style" map with one or two big areas. Instead, there are plenty of rooms spread out for a much more interesting type of play, especially with bots or a large number of people. There are almost always multiple routes in and out of rooms, so the possibilities of escape and pursuit are much greater.

This is a great map for multiple bots or, even better, for a small LAN party!

I've also tried to reduce the "rocketfest" effect by making the more powerful
weapons a bit harder to get, while allowing easy access to lower-power weapons. But, if you're willing to go swimming, you'll find things like the rocket launcher and the railgun. However, no BFG can be found in this level. All other weapons are available.

Again, this map was designed with speed in mind, so it should be very playable even on lower-end machines. I've tested this map on a P200 MMX machine with 64Mb RAM and a Voodoo2 card without any significant slowdown even with multiple bot combats. It has not been tested for Internet play, so I make no assurances that it will be as fast with that type of play.

I have included a routes (.rtz) file for Eraserbots and I recommend 4-6 Bots to
play. However, be aware that this level is designed with human players in
mind, so the bots tend to get confused in some areas and may not be able to
access all weapons.

Many thanks to:

  • My wife and DM partner, Deb
  • RiscChip, David Hyde, Dragon[Slo] and Astaroth for playtesting