Quake 2 Maps & Tutorials

This is a Quake 2-related web site, containing my Q2 maps and other related information.  You can download my Q2 maps to play and you can see previews and screenshots of them.  As the screenname implies, I use DMM2 as my primary editor, although I also use Quark to a certain degree.

****Important: Before You E-Mail Me!****

Update: I just added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to this little site.  So, the first thing to do is check this page out.  Then, follow the other steps as outlined below.

Unless you like getting nastygrams, I strongly suggest that you do the following before you make an effort to e-mail me with Questions:

If you DON'T do the above steps, depending on my mood, you may not like my reply (especially if it's something that is easily found on one of the mentioned resources)   Moreover, don't say something stupid, like "Please respond as soon as possible!" or "Could you whip up a ScreenCam tutorial just for me?"   These are pet peeves of mine, and there are many victims of nastygrams from me, and they don't understand why.  (Another reason to post at Rust or the mailing list - I'm typically more polite than in e-mail.)

And finally, if you DON'T like DMM2 or anything else for that matter, don't bother telling me...I simply don't care.

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